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Friday 9th October 2015
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Citizenship Notices
Citizenship Notices This is the Citizenship Notices area. Here you can find news and links relating to all aspects of the Citizenship curriculum. You will find information about current issues , links to local and national initiatives as well as general news and views. So, if you are interested or involved in Citizenship then bookmark this page so you can keep coming back.
There are 34 Notices at this time. Showing Notices 31 to 34.
Digital Video Summer Schools at elearning@luton
Digital Video Summer Schools at elearning@luton

 Two digital imaging Summer Schools were held at elearning@luton during the first week of the Summer Holidays. Under the title “In The Dead Of Night”, students studied paranormal stories from Luton and the surrounding area,...

Teaching resources highlighting internet safety for children
Teaching resources highlighting internet safety for children

Childnet International have produced a number of resources to support teachers in highlighting the potential dangers of the internet for children.

This includes their 'Kid Smart' site for teachers and a film 'Jenny's ...

Win teaching resources from Cool Planet
Win teaching resources from Cool Planet

Oxfams Cool Planet website is primarily intended for teachers aiming to bring the global dimension to the classroom, using the concept of Global Citizenship.

The 'Make Poverty History' section was the most popular area...

Send My Friends To School
Send My Friends To School

Did you know that a hundred million children around the world don't go to school? The send my friend to schools campaign and website is all about what you can do to change this.

In the year 2000, all of the world's countries signed a...

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