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Thursday 26th November 2015
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PSHE Resources
PSHE Resources Welcome to the PSHE Resources page. If you have a resource, work sheet, lesson plan or idea that you would like to send to us, then please use the submit link below.
There are 39 resources at this time. Showing resources 1 to 10, latest updated first.
This is a weblink to the Real Histories website explaining the origins of Black History Month and the reasons why it is good to celebrate it.
A planning tool for teachers.
Attached is a flyer describing an engaging new cross-curricular teaching resource for use in KS 3 & 4 Citizenship, PHSE, Humanities and English. ‘Charles Smith: Challenging Myths and Prejudice’ uses the life and writing of Charles Smith, a...
A superb web resource for teachers, parents and children.
The National Standards for Subject leaders were produced by the TTA in 1998 and will support all subject leaders in defining their role and understanding their responsibilities.
A database of 1,068 websites for teachers. Features downloadable resources, lesson plans and much more.
This school website has a great variety of links to many useful web based resources.
The attached word documents provide guidance to supplement the original SEAL Curriculum resource. The assemblies are suggested for use to introduce each of the SEAL themes at the beginning of each half term.
These resources are linked to the learning opportunities in the SEAL Curriculum Guidance for theme 2 "Getting On And Falling Out". Resources are available from Foundation Stage through to Year 6.
These interactive Smartboard resources are linked to the learning opportunities in the SEAL Curriculum Guidance for the theme New Beginnings. They can be adapted by the class teacher to suit the requirements of their class, but will...
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